Wildwood’s Chesapeake Sled  dog Team
Wildwood Chesapeake’s racing in an  official Sprint race Nov. 27 1970. Dogs racing were : Leaders Wildwood’s Flicka ,Wildwood’s Salome, Swing dogs Wildwood’s Brava and Wildwood’s Ribbon. Team dogs ,Wildwood’s Banner and Ch Wildwood’s Midnight Sundance. Wheel dogs were Silverdart’s Upstart and Wildwood’s Sailor Buoy. This  team was clocked at 25 miles per hour. Footage of them  running was featured in the film  Dog of the Chesapeake, a documentary made by the state of  Maryland . I trained all these dogs after they were grown and all were good working retrievers before their sled experience. I think this shows the versatility of this breed as they can  be trained for many different tasks and enjoy them all . Sue Brown