I have 30 years experience owning Wildwood Chesapeake Retrievers and will always have one if possible. Wildwood kennel Chesapeakes are naturally talented and Intelligent above and beyond any dog I have ever owned. Their devotion and commitment to their people is unmatched by many other breeds of dogs, I can attest to that.
I will never be without a Chessie but one from Wildwood kennel will always be a major part of my dog family. When my two oldest pass on I will be putting my name on the list once again.
My dogs have done many things in their lives, from being lead dogs on my dog teams competition weight pulling dogs , champion breed ring dogs, high scoring obedience trial dogs, grouse retrievers, hiking companion, horseback riding companion, watchdogs, friendly with most people and dogs not of our home and yet protective too.
Not only are they good all around dogs, they are beautiful as well, ranging from dark browns to light deadgass with pleasing conformation as well.
When I hear people from over 20 years ago tell me that they got a Wildwood dog back then and want another ..that should tell you something.
  The first thing that strikes you when looking at a Wildwood Chessie is their build. It is obvious that these dogs are perfectly built and proportionate to the breed standards and are very powerful animals.
However that's just the start. Their intelligence, trainability, personality, loyalty
and intensity make these dogs a real pleasure too live with and train.

I am  an avid water fowler and guide who hunts from Alaska to Texas. I hunt big rivers ,fields ,lakes ,streams and sloughs at temperatures well below zero for much of the season and require a dog strong and hardy enough to be out in these harsh conditions day after day,and my Wildwood’s Chesapeake has yet to disappoint.

I have been around Chesapeakes for most of my entire life ,and know of only a few kennels that can consistently breed what I call a true Chesapeake and not some nock off.

Ric Seward
Delta Jct. Alaska