I just waned to give you an update on our new puppy we recently purchased from you.. My daughter named him Tucker and he is very smart and pretty much just an awesome puppy. We have been working with him with hand signals and he can already  sit, stay, come, down, retrieves, drop, and swims like a champ. We start puppy training tomorrow and just wanted to let you know how happy we are with  him.
Mark Lienhart
Anchorage Alaska
                            Congratulations to John and Tok  on their win.                     
I became interested in Chessies when I was working in Fairbanks Alaska in the mid-1980’s. Wildwood’s Toklat III  is  the fifth  Chesapeake Bay retriever that I have owned. He is also the first male dog I have owned. H e completed his JH (Junior Hunt) title this spring (08) and we are working on his SH ( Senior Hunter )  title. He is a large male, but has a very gentle even tempered disposition..  He is a bright hard working  dog with a desire to please. In addition to his Hunt Test abilities we have hunted throughout  Idaho ( our present home ) and Kansas . In Idaho we hunt waterfowl in the snake river as well as upland for chucker and quail. The Snake river is a  large strong river so a dog with his size and strength is a real benefit. In addition , pheasant hunting has been very good the last three years in north-central  Kansas. The photo of “Tok” with the pheasant and quail  was taken when he was 9 months old. Thanks for the great dog . John Gebhard. Idaho  Wildwood’s Toklat III winning his  JR Hunt Test title.