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Frequently asked questions
How will I know I am getting a quality puppy or dog? Our quality bloodlines are carefully selected to consistently produce their own good type. By breeding exceptional  Chesapeakes we can assure you of getting a handsome healthy dog you will be proud to own. Our years of experience and history speak for themselves.  We will not sell any dogs of poor type.  Our dogs are all from field trial and hunting linage  and being very good looking animals they frequently can be shown to their bench Championships.  What size are your dogs? While breeding within the AKC standard our Chesapeakes are on the  larger side. What price are pups? While  pups will be priced starting at $1200.00,  breeding's from champion titled  parents can be more . At what age can pups be sold? Pups can not be shipped before 8 weeks of age. Shipping and heath  certificate are extra , see shipping information above . A $ 350.00 deposit is required  to reserve a puppy for you, either before they are born or ready to leave.  Deposits are not refundable .We will put you on our list and you will have our next avaiable puppy.  How do you require that payment for pups be made?We require that pups be paid for with either a postal money order or bank draft money order. Personal checks may be used if you  are paying well in advance.   Who has first choice. ? Pups  are reserved for you by the  date  your payment is  received.  We try to accommodate on  color as much as possible but we may not be able to choose your pup until they are several weeks old. understand that they are all good ones and pups are still changing  in size and color at this young age. We will provide pictures of pups and  your choice will  be given  consideration whenever possible. The sex of course will be your choice. The complete price of the puppy is required to be  paid by the time the pups are 6 weeks of age and your choice should be made by then..  Are your dogs Guaranteed? We have a contract -guarantee (see above)that we require you to sign before receiving your pup. Please read this carefully and make sure you agree with us. This is what we expect of you and what you can expect of us. Please see above.